Annual Schools Outreach

Annual Schools Outreach

The annual Schools Outreach programme usually takes place every year in June at Oscott College. Over 800 Year 6 children from schools in the Archdiocese visit us for a day of varied activities. They learn about the Holy Mass, about prayer, about the idea of God’s call in their life, and about our life in the college. They also have an opportunity to ask any questions they like!

We hope that the time they spend with us introduces the idea of vocation into their lives, and invites them to the truth that God is calling each of them to something very special – whether priesthood, religious life, single life, or marriage. Many of the children have just received or receive very soon after visiting us the Sacrament of Confirmation, allowing the Holy Spirit to take deeper roots in their lives. What better preparation for starting in high school a few months later!

Teachers, pupils and seminarians all enjoy the Schools Outreach programme very much. Each year the teachers particularly reflect on the powerful effect the presentations on have on the children and on their non-Catholic colleagues. Many comment on the fact that they had never previously visited a seminary and had no idea of what was involved in training candidates for the priesthood. They are struck by the building itself, by the liturgy, by the joy and friendliness of the students, and by the quality and variety of the items in the museum.

“Thank-you for a wonderful day…. The children found it very interesting and are talking a lot about it….. It was a fantastic part of Confirmation preparation.”

(Holy Redeemer School, Pershore, 2008)

“The activities offered were suitable and pitched at the correct level, and the children really enjoyed them…. the students provided many prompts when required, making the children feel at ease…..”
(A Worcester school, 2008)

“The children were totally focused throughout the day and really enjoyed their involvement in all the activities. They particularly enjoyed the presentations on prayer and the Mass… they loved asking the students lots of questions about their lives, their vocations and daily routine.”
(A Birmingham school, 2008)