Staff and Students

Staff and Students 2019/20

Directors and Staff

Diaconate Formation Faculty

Rev. Giles Goward – Rector and Director of Programme,
­        Bsc, MA, MTheol, STL (London)
Rev. Dr Owen Le Blanc – Assistant Programme Director,
­        BA, BD, MA, PhD (Manchester)
Miss Anna Morley – Academic Programme Coordinator
Mrs Bernadina Laverty – Academic Office Administrator

Formation Tutors

Rev. Giles Goward, BSc, MA, MTheol, STL
Rev. Gary Buckby
Rev. Mr Charles Duncombe
Rev. Mr Jack Foxall
Rev. Peter Hart, STL
Rev. Paul Keane, MA, STL
Rev. Mr Mark Leightley
Rev. Mr Michael McKearney
Rev. Mr Peter Middleton
Rev. Mr Adam Nicholls
Rev. John Peyton
Rev. Mr Leo Poole
Rev. Mr Thomas Tranter
Rev. Mr Michael Vickery

Module Tutors

Rev. Martin John Broadley
­         PhD – Church History
Ms Mary Casey
­        JP, BEd (Hons), MEd, ALAM, LGSM, NPQH, FCollP –
­         Reading and Public Speaking (Skills)
Rev. Eddie Clare
­        BSc, STL (Rome) – Moral Theology; Sexual/Family Morality
Rev. Raymond Corbett
­        STB, JCL, PGCE – Parish Admin; Canon Law of Marriage
Ms Christine Dodd – Adult Catechetics (Skills)
Rev. Harry Curtis
­        BSc, MEd, STL (Rome) – World Religions; Fathers of the Church
Rev. Patrick Deegan
­        MA, Adv Cert. – Human Development
Rev. Paul Fitzpatrick
­        MA, STL (Leuven) – Baptism & Confirmation; Writings of John
Rev. David Goodill OP
­        MA, MPhil, STL – Social Teaching
Rev. Mgr John Hadley
­        MA, BSc, STL, PhL, JCL (Leuven) – Existence of God; Cosmology/Eschatology
Rev. Paul Keane
­        MA, STL (Rome) – Diakonia; Bible and Church; Reconciliation and Anointing
Rev. Mr Andrew Lomas
­         BTh (Hons), PGCE, MA (Ed), DipDS – Deacon at the Altar (Skills)
Rev. Dr Sean Loone
­         PhD, MPhil, MEd, BA, BTheol, PGCE, CTC, NPQH –
­         Bible; Synoptic Gospels in the Life and Mission of the Church; Jesus Christ
Dr Mary McCaughey
­        BBS, MA, BD, STL, DD (Maynooth) – Celebrating Eucharist
Rev. Michael McKearney – Liturgical Books
Rev. Andrew Robinson,
­        ARCO, MA, STB, SSL (Rome) – St Paul
Rev. Cecil Rogerson
­        MA – Church & Ecumenism; Evangelisation
Mr Pat Strong – Listening and Counselling Skills
Rev. Robert Taylerson
­        BSc, PGCE, STL – Spirituality
Rev. John Udris
­        STL (Rome) – Lives of the Saints
Rev. Dr Zbigniew Zieba
­        MA, SSL (Rome), PhD (Durham; canonical, Rome) –
­         Old Testament; Psalms and Prophets


Candidates: Year Four

Mr Richard Beben – Nottingham
Mr Peter Crosby – Birmingham
Mr John Garvey – Birmingham
Mr Dirk Hermans – Birmingham
Mr Dominic Kerr – Birmingham
Mr David Noval – Copenhagen (Part Time)

Candidates: Year Three

Mr Jim Brannan – Birmingham
Mr Stephen Joseph – Portsmouth
Dr John McKay – Shrewsbury
Prof. Wilfred McSherry – Shrewsbury
Mr Tim Naylor – Birmingham
Mr Gary O’Brien – Birmingham
Mr Stephen Opoku-Anoyke – Portsmouth
Mr Mark Anthony Paine – Birmingham
Dr Krzysztof Wasilewski – Birmingham

Candidates: Year Two

Mr Damian Buggie – Salford
Mr Martin Casey – Birmingham
Mr Andrew Collins – Portsmouth
Mr Paul Crookes – Portsmouth
Mr Lee Davies – Salford
Mr Andrew Lansberry – Birmingham
Mr Davie Nalikata – Salford
Mr Antony Nutall – Shrewsbury
Mr John Walsh – Salford

Aspirants: Year One

Mr Brian Bargent – Plymouth
Mr Philip Bracken – Birmingham
Mr Philip Corrigan – Salford
Mr Anthony Darlison – Portsmouth
Mr Keith Hannah – Nottingham
Mr Jonasz Paciorek – Birmingham
Mr Zacharias Parambi – Portsmouth
Mr Robin Watson – Plymouth