Permanent Deacon Curriculum


The Permanent Deacon is the Ordained Minister of Word, Altar and Charity. The formation programme seeks to ensure that each candidate develops the necessary appreciation and understanding of a range of subjects within those themes, through the following Curriculum.

In all years candidates take two course-modules simultaneously per half-semester: i.e. eight modules per year (= eight across the Propaedeutic Year and twenty-four across the three years of core formation). Courses may take place cyclically, although clear benchmarks for each Level of the programme are given in order to clarify the expectations of both course-tutors and candidates.

Most modules are assessed by a piece of written work of 1000 words, which may take a variety of forms. One module per year is assessed by an oral exam, which is timetabled within the programme. These will be managed by the Director of Studies in collaboration with the appropriate members of Staff. Proposed assessments will be submitted to an Exam Board for approval at the start of the year.

First Year Modules

Introducing the Lectionary and the Liturgical Books
Introduction to the Bible, Study & Theological Reflection
Diakonia and the Sacrament of Holy Order
The Fathers of the Church
The Existence of God
The Lives of the Saints and their Example
The History of the Church and her Mission
Prayer and the Spiritual Writers of the Catholic Tradition

Second Year Modules

The Synoptic Gospels in the Life & Mission of the Church
Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Mary
The Old Testament in the Life and Mission of the Church
The Bible in the Church’s Tradition and Teaching
The Psalms and Prophets in the Life & Mission of the Church
Cosmology & Eschatology in Light of Modern Science
The Letters of Paul in the Life and Mission of the Church
The Church and the Ecumenical Dialogues
Documents of the Second Vatican Council

Third Year Modules

Celebrating Eucharist: Source and Summit of Church Life
Baptism and Confirmation: the Gateway to Eternal Life
Parish Administration and Sacramental Law
The Healing Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing
Introduction to Moral Theology
The Sacrament and Canon Law of Marriage

Fourth Year Modules

The Johannine Corpus in the Life & Mission of the Church
Aspects of Human Development
Sexual and Family Morality Today
Social Teaching and New Questions in Christian Morality
Evangelisation, Catechesis and Apologetics today
World Religions