• on 9th September 2018

New Oscott Seminarian – Michael Dirkson

As part of our series of posts to start the new college year, one of the new Oscott seminarians, Michael Dirkson, shares his inspiring story thus far to entering seminary.

Ever since I was a boy I wanted to become a priest. A life dedicated to God alone seemed very meaningful and adventurous. My mom taught my sister and me how to pray, and my dad, though not an overtly religious man, taught us to be honest with ourselves. Such gifts from my parents encouraged me to follow the Lord.

Only after I had graduated from University and was teaching in the state of Montana did I realise that my life was entirely my own. No longer was anything planned for me. There was no ‘program’ my for life except for the one that I would devise. I could do whatever I wanted to do and become whoever I wanted to become. I was entirely free. Somehow this freedom reminded me that I was also totally responsible for my life. Doing whatever I wanted wasn’t satisfying. I wanted to live for someone other than myself. In 2014 I decided to enter seminary in the United States.

I am very thankful that God has brought me to England to study for the diocese of Shrewsbury. England is a beautiful country and I hope to receive the rich tradition preserved and handed on by the many English lay persons, priests, religious and martyrs. I pray that England know the love of God and herself as Our Lady’s Dowry.

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