• on 11th September 2018

New Oscott Seminarian – Andrew Kelly

As part of our series of posts to start the new college year, one of the new Oscott seminarians, Andrew Kelly, shares his inspiring story thus far to entering seminary.

I am studying for the Diocese of Dunkeld, in Scotland. I was born and brought up in Dundee, which is the largest city in the Diocese. I graduated from the University of St Andrews in June, having studied mathematics for 4 years.

I’ve been actively involved with the Church from an early age – I was brought up in a family with both parents practising Catholics. Shortly after my First Communion in 2005, I became an altar server, and then over the following years became a reader in the parish, and one of the three organists in the parish, which was a lot of work some of the time but a lot of fun most of the time!

Although I’d laughed off my friends’ suggestions that I’d end up going to seminary when I was at school, over the first couple of years at university I began to feel God’s call more strongly as I began to experience the church in a wider context – through the university chaplaincy and also travelling to Lourdes with the Dunkeld Youth Pilgrimage, which was a pivotal moment in my journey to seminary!

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