• on 7th September 2018

New Oscott Seminarian – Yemane Aradom

As part of our series of posts to start the new college year, one of the new Oscott seminarians Yemane Aradom shares his inspiring story thus far to entering seminary.

My name is Yemane Aradom. I was born into a strong Christian family in a village calleEmgerguer, Sudan. I had a wonderful childhood with a loving family. In 1991 when Eritrea gained independence the Sudan, the authorities gave permission to all Eritreans to enter their homeland. So in 1995, with my mother, I arrived safely in Eritrea.

I loved to attend Holy Mass every Sunday with my friend Gerzgher. one day he asked me if I would like to be a priest. I replied yes immediately. Without delay I was enrolled in Seminary. During this time I grew up physically, psychologically and religiously. I truly felt up-lifted because this was a real call from God to serve him. I never thought to leave Eritrea, however, unfortunately something unexpected happened in my life. The government called all seminarians to carry out military service. Because of this I sadly left my country made my journey to the UK.

I came to the UK in 2014 after a very risky journey; I thank God that I arrived here safely. During this whole time I was asking myself what life would have in store for me? Immediately upon arrival I got in touch with an Eritrean priest who lives in Leeds. I explained to him about my vocation and how it came to be interrupted and he assisted me in making contact with the vocations director. Upon being accepted for seminary Bishop Marcus sent me here to Oscott College.

Here I am, I am ready to listen and to obey my Church. I am ready to do whatever Holy Church asks of me to do.

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