• on 15th May 2018

Ad Multos Annos Winnie

Every week during term-time the college opens it’s doors for public evening prayer. Almost everyone who attends says how moved they are by going. Not only is it a solemn and sung affair but the Lord is also exposed for Eucharistic adoration. We have quite a few faithful regulars who love to attend but our most longstanding attender, Winnie, turned 100. It was under the last rector, Fr Mark Crisp, that public evening prayer started and he reliably informs us that she has been faithfully attending ever since it started along with her friend Teresa. Both Winnie and Teresa belong to the parish of St Peter in Bloxwich, Walsall. Winnie and Teresa’s commitment to the seminary has not simply been expressed in their faithful attendance at evening prayer but also in going along to many seminarian’s ordinations as well. That’s not even to mention that they have bought nearly every seminarian in the college a warm blanket to see them through the Winter!

It was therefore with great pleasure that a dozen of so seminarians went along to her 100th birthday party on Sunday to show their appreciation. In attendance were two bishops, numerous priests, various family members and many many parishioners and friends. One of those friends was Winnie’s hairdresser who told us that every week as she mentions how much the seminary means to her. In the words of the hairdresser, ‘you are whats keeping her going!’ Now, I’m sure if thats true its only God’s grace working through us and through her. So we pray that the Lord who has brought her this far will bring her many more holy, happy and faithful years more. Ad Multos Annos Winnie!

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