Wives and Families

Wives and Families

Most candidates are married. The Church understands that the Permanent Deacon has a special position of receiving both the sacraments of Marriage and Holy Order, but considers the commitment to wife and family as being of highest priority.

The Formation Programme seeks to ensure that the balance between work, family and ministry is successfully made and recognises the importance of wives and families in the development of candidates. There is sensitivity to the implications of diaconal ministry upon relationships with wives from different Christian communities.

Wives are encouraged to attend. There is the opportunity to partake in all aspects of the formation days except tutorials, which are opportunities for the candidate to discuss openly his personal development with his tutor.

There is an opportunity for wives to form a network of support and contact among themselves.

There is insufficient room for children to attend on a regular basis, but wherever possible children are encouraged to attend any suitable occasions outside the college.