• on 12th May 2018

Pentecost 2018 @ Oscott

Year 4 seminarian, Paschal Uche, shares an invitation to come and celebrate your true birthday at Oscott College

Paschal with the music ministry

Did you know you have 2 birthdays? The word Pentecost means 50 and 50 days after the resurrection we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Birthday of the Church and as a member of the church that means it’s your birthday. It’s a truth often stated and often acted upon that when it comes to the Trinity we ‘get’ God the Father we can Picture Jesus but the Holy Spirit can be left out.

St Augustine famously said that If God the Father is the lover and Jesus is the beloved that makes the Holy Spirit the love that they share. He is, as we say every Sunday, the Lord and giver of life, worthy to be adored and glorified. On Pentecost Sunday, we celebrate the outpouring of God’s love to give life to the Church.

On Pentecost Sunday, we celebrate the outpouring of God’s love to give life to the Church…

So how can you Celebrate? On Sunday the 20th of May, Pentecost Sunday, Some Oscott seminarians will be leading an evening of expectant prayer and praise. In Luke 11:13 Jesus tells us that God our loving Father longs to give us more of the Holy Spirit. As we intentionally gather as Church on the celebration of OUR birthday we will pray in joyful expectation for the gift God so desires to give to us!

Praise and Worship @ Oscott

Maybe you have never come to an evening of prayer and praise, maybe your curious and interested or maybe you really need prayer and an experience of God’s love and presence. If any of those refer to you, know that you are most welcome to join us for an evening of prayer and praise followed by a time of fellowship and refreshments.

may God bless you as we all await the coming of the Holy Spirit!

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