Vocation Story

By Kevin Lawrie

I am a seminarian for the Diocese of Motherwell in Scotland. My vocation story begins many years ago. I believed I had a vocation to the priesthood from a very young age and so asked to go to junior seminary at the age of twelve. However, my Bishop, decided I should wait until I completed my secondary school education. I subsequently went for 5 years to my local secondary school. During this time I continued to attend mass and took part in several different types of prayer and worship, including weekly Benediction, a prayer group and altar serving.

I did go to seminary at the end of my school education when I was 17 years old. The Seminary was in the Scottish Borders. After completing two years of study at the seminary as I had gone there straight from school I had to undertake a year away. I went to work at a hospital caring for children and adults with disabilities. During that year I decided that I no longer believed I had a vocation to become a priest. I was fortunate to be accepted to undertake a three year training course to become a nurse. After training I had a career in nursing and for many years worked as a manager in the Health Service.

Approximately 6 years ago I began to strongly feel that I may indeed have a vocation to the priesthood. But I have to say that up until 7 years ago, I probably wasn’t living the response to God that I should have been. I wasn’t listening to Him and my relationship and faith in Jesus wasn’t as strong as it needs to be. Thankfully I did start to listen to God and build-up my relationship with Jesus again through prayer.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit I once again heard God calling me again to be his priest.

I began the process of discernment more closely. I took part in a series of weekends away where I met other guys who believed they also had a vocation to be a priest. We discussed our individual journeys with each other and with priests and so continued to discern the call.

In 2015 I met with my Bishop and after further prayer and listening to God it was agreed I should come to St Mary’s College, Oscott. I am undertaking a 4-year course, and have almost completed my 3rd Year of this.