Welcome to the vocations page. Discerning your vocation can be difficult and scary but be assured, you are doing the right thing by trying to find out a bit more online. These pages page should be useful in helping you to discern you vocation by allowing you to learn a bit more about seminary life and priesthood. Spend some time looking at the vocation stories of our some of our seminarians and listen to how they heard the call to the priesthood.  Explore the “Frequently asked Questions” page and learn more about the process of discernment and what’s involved in seminary life.

But please do not make the mistake of trying to discern the priesthood alone!  No one is able to discern the will of God alone.  if you try and discern you vocation alone you will end up being stuck between you fears and daydreams. Do not be afraid to bring your thoughts to your parish priest, and certainly contact you vocations director who will not only be able to offer you sound advice but will also be able to plug you into the various opportunities that exist for discernment.  You are not alone in thinking about the priesthood and you do not need to discern alone either!