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Diaconal Ordinations 2018
Today was many things. It was a beautiful, clear and sunny day. It was the last day of the college term. But more importantly than anything else however, today was [...]
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College Feast Day 2018
Did you realise that Oscott College, or, as it is more properly called, St Mary's College Oscott, is dedicated to Our Lady Seat of Wisdom?
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Conferral of the Ministries of Acolyte and Reader
It never fails to be a joyful occasion as we welcome new lay ministers
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The Meaning of Prostration
A key part of any ordination ceremony is when the candidates for ordination prostrate themselves flat on the floor, face down. This is a very moving moment for both candidate [...]
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Why “Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom”?
St Mary's College, Oscott, takes 'Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom' as its patron - why? We celebrate her feast day this Tuesday September 27th, and in preparation for that Fr [...]
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