• on 3rd November 2018

Back from the Dead – Dead Good!

Halloween originates from a celebration of ‘all-hallows eve’ – that is to say, a celebration of the evening prior to All Saints Day. It has now turned into a celebration of pumpkins, dressing up and witches and trick-or-treating. There’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself but here at Oscott College we wanted to try and recapture something of it original meaning, whilst still keeping in all of the fun. That’s why our college charity, Oscott Action for Justice and Peace, ran an event this year on Halloween called ‘Back from the Dead’.

The event was a huge success, with over 70 people coming to enjoy themselves here. Various members of the college community dressed up as some of their favourite saints and stationed themselves at various places in the college grounds. Participants, guided only by torchlight, visited each of the saints in turn and learnt about their lives and about some aspects of the four last things. As they journeyed on their ways they had to be cautious they they weren’t frightened by a soul in purgatory jumping out  of the trees begging for their prayers.

It was widely agreed that it was one of the most enjoyable nights of the college year so far and we certainly hope to be able to run it again soon.

Perhaps you can guess which saint is which from the photos below?

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