Rev. Michael Dolman – Rector,
­­        STB (Leuven)

Vice Rector

Rev. Paul Keane – Vice Rector & Formation Tutor,
­­        MA (Cantab), STL (Gregorianum, Rome) – Dogmatic Theology

Formation Staff

Sr Thérèse Browne – Pastoral Coordinator,
­        Cert Ed, BA, Adv. Dip. RE, MEd
Rev. Gerardo Fabrizio – Pastoral Studies Director & Formation Tutor,
­        STB., JCL., Dip. Iuris. (Gregorianum, Rome) – Canon Law
Rev. Dr Owen Le Blanc – Assistant to the Director of Pastoral Studies,
­        BA, BD, MA, PhD (Manchester)
Dr Mary McCaughey – Director of Studies,
­        BBS, MA, BD, STL, DD (Maynooth) – Dogmatic Theology
Rev. Van Nguyen – Formation Tutor,
­        BA, STB, STL (Gregorianum, Rome) – Patristics
Rev. James Preston – Spiritual Director,
­        BA (Hons), CertEd – Introduction to Spirituality & Lectio Divina
Rev. Andrew Robinson – Liturgy Coordinator & Formation Tutor,
­        ARCO, MA, STB, SSL (Biblicum, Rome) – New Testament, Homiletics
Mr Pete Smallwood – Human Formation Coordinator,
­        MBACP (Acc.), Dip. Couns
V. Rev. Canon John Udris – Spiritual Director,
­        STL (Angelicum, Rome) – Christian Spirituality, Homiletics
Rev. Biju Chittuparamban Varghese SDV – Formation Tutor,
­        STB, MSc, MS (cons.), MA

Resident Teaching Staff

Rev. Dr Francis John Selman,
­        MA (Oxon), MagTheol (Innsbruck), PhL (Maynooth), PhD (Cantab) – Philosophy

Non-Resident Full-Time Teaching Staff

Rev. Dr Bruce Burbidge – Dean of Philosophy,
­        ARCO, MA (Cantab), STB, PhL (Gregorianum, Rome), PhD (Ramon Llull,
­        Barcelona) – Philosophy
Dr Angela Costley,
­        BA Hons (Dunelm), PGCert (Dunelm), SSB, MSt (Oxon), PhD (Maynooth)
­        – Old Testament, Biblical ­Greek

Programme Administration

Miss Anna Morley – College Registrar
Mrs Bernie Laverty − Academic Office Administrator,
­        BA (Hons)

Spiritual Direction

Rev. James Preston – Spiritual Director,
­     ­ ­   BA (Hons), CertEd – Lectio Divina
Rev. Dr Gerard Sheehan – Spiritual Director,
­        BA, PGCE, MA (London), STD (Navarra)
V. Rev. Canon John Udris – Spiritual Director,
­        STL (Angelicum, Rome)

Human Formation Staff

Miss Katarzyna Bieganska – Human Formation Tutor,
­        MA
Rev. Paul Johnson – Human Formation Director,
­        BA, STB
Rev. Kevin O’Rourke – Tutor,
­        B.Soc Sc, H.Dip Ed, Mag.Theol
Mrs Joca Rogerson – Human Formation Tutor
Mr Peter Smallwood – Human Development Coordinator & Tutor,
­        MBACP (Acc.), Dip.Couns
Mrs Jayne Tomkinson – Lecturer in Counselling Skills & HR Consultant,
­        BSc (Hons), SA NCS (Acc.), PGCMC, FdSc, MBACP, Cert Ed

Learning Support

Mary P. Casey JP, B.Ed (Hons), Cert.Ed, M.Ed, CCRS, NPQH, ALAM, LGSM, F.CollP
Philomena Mullins BA (Hons), MA, PGCE

Professional Services Staff

Mr Mark Carroll – House Manager
Miss Rosie Doody – Finance Officer,
­        BA (Hons), MRes
Mrs Jackie Hall – College Bursar,
­        FCA
Alison Hutcheson – Cemetery Administrator
Miss Naomi Johnson – Museum Curator,
­        BSc, MSc
Mr Paul Meller − Librarian,
­        BSc, MSc, MA
Mrs Deborah Morris – House Administrator
Ms Rachael Rea – Rector’s PA & Events Coordinator,
­        BA (Hons)
Mrs Jayne Tomkinson − Human Resources & Strategic Manager,
­        BSc (Hons), SA NCS (Acc.), PGCMC, FdSc, MBACP, Cert Ed
Mr James Wigley – ICT Manager,
­        BSc (Hons)